Karpatskou stezkou... Following karpatian path...

Mezinárodní dobrovolnický tábor * International voluntary workcamp
28.6.2012   - 14.7.2012  

Ukrajina, Koločava, Volovets

Experiential international workcamp for support of sustainable turism and local community trough marking of hiking trails.

Zážitkově-pracovní tábor – značení turistických stezek, poznávání živých tradic a řemesel, putování po krásách Polonin a Podkarpatské Rusi…

Open for Czech, Ukraine, Polish,Slovak and other participants!!!

Age: +15   Number of volunteers: 16-20   Languages: English, Czech and Russian

Účastnický poplatek pro české účastníky: 4900 CZK za oba týdny, 3800 CZK za první týden (doprava, jídlo, program, materiál). V případě grantu = nižší cena! :)

For international participants lower fee - ASK FOR DETAILS - kristina [dot] studena [zavináč] gmail [dot] com (subject: Following%20karpatian%20path..)  !

Organizers: Kristina, Vladka, Hanka, Cody, Diego & Vasil 

Journey through the places, where the nature is silent and independent, where the people and animals meet by the fire to tell each other the stories, cook the borshch, sing songs… enjoy the atmospehere.....

Putování v místech, kde je příroda tichá a nespoutaná, kde se lidé a zvířata setkávají u ohně, aby si společně vyprávěli příběhy, vařili si boršč, zpívali  písně… a užívali si atmosféru milého setkání..



The main goal of this project, organized by Brontosaurus Movement in cooperation with Duha Movement is helping with the promotion of responsible travel and ecotourism through marking hiking trails, in order to support the sustainable development of the Zakarpattia region, Ukraine.

This project will give the participants the possibility

* to help in an environmental and development cooperation project,

* to learn how to mark touristic trails,

* to get to know the local culture, habits crafts and people,

* to overcome some challenges connected with the stay in Ukraine’s mountains,

* to meet young people from Czech Republic, Ukraine, Poland, Slovak, Spain,

* to enjoy the amazing nature and the places in Ukraine.


The camp will be divided in two parts and it will take place in two different locations: Kolochava and Volovets’ (the participants will be free to decide whether to participate only in the first part or in both).

a)    Kolochava: the work will involve repairing, restoring and maintaining the touristic signs of the hiking trails around the village. After a short training, the participants will be divided in groups and they will cover their own traits (around 10-20 km per day). The project activities will also include voluntary work for the community.

b)   Volovets’: the main activity during the second week will be marking new trails from Volovets’; again the work will be distributed by groups but this time each one will have a different task every day (finding new trails, marking new paths, cooking and taking care of things). The trails will be shorter this time, between 8-15 km per day.


In Kolochava, we will set up the base in a private property (garden) of one the neighbours, and in Volovets’, it will be placed in nature. We will sleep in tents, so, please bring your own sleeping bag, pillow and tent.

Food ingredients will be provided by the organization and the duties (cooking and cleaning) will be shared among participants and organizers. Lunch shall be prepared sometimes in the workplace itself, although dinner and breakfast will be always at the base camp.


The villages of Kolochava and Volovets’ are located in the Zakarpattia region an administrative province located in the South West of Ukraine, which has borders with four countries: Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Poland. The presence of the Carpathian Mountains makes the region a major tourist destination; therefore, tourism has a main role in the local economy.


The project covers the travel tickets from Olomouc to the places of camp and back, the local transport in Ukraine.

·         For Czech participants: the meeting point will be in Olomouc (Czech Republic), and then they will travel together with the organizers by train and bus to Kolochava (it will take almost one day).

·         For international participants: two possibilities, meet with Czech participants in Olomouc or travel by themselves to Uzhgorod (Ukraine), the second meeting point, to travel with the other participants to Kolochava.


The work will be manually and physically demanding; the volunteers will have to bring suitable working shoes and clothes.

Regarding the free time, the volunteers will have the opportunity to explore and discover places of incredible natural beauty, and the organizers will arrange some games, excursions and other leisure time activities for them.


Other info, maps - http://podkarpatskarus.net/turisticke_znaceni.htm

Interview with Ivo Dokoupil, coordinator of the project from Duha Movement, marking of routes, in cz language:


The financial support for this event was provided by Ministry of Education Czech Republic. 


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