Hispanic panic in Brno!

Thematic evening about Spain
28.3.2012 18:00 - 19:30

Dobrovolnické centrum Hnutí Brontosaurus, Hvězdova 10, Brno (u Cejlu, za rohem Romského muzea na Bratislavské)

Come to our club and join us! 


  • Introducing Spanish culture and improving its understanding.
  • Offering all kind of information about the country.
  • Of course, having a good time (participants and organizers)


  • Presentation of Spainand Galicia(NW region)
    • Geography, history, natural and cultural heritage, society, traditions, nightlife.
    • Life-style (differences and similarities with Czech culture) and stereotypes.
  • Interactive activity and discussion
  • Short movie/documentary (made in Spain)


  • Diego Díaz Abad (EVS volunteer of ZČHB Modrý kámen)
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