Welcome EVS 2013

European voluntary service
25.1.2013 19:00 - 27.1.2013 14:30

EVC Švýcárna, Josefovské údolí u Adamova, Moravský kras

The concept of the event:

First of all we will welcome our new EVS volunteers Mylène from France and Francesco from Italy - they will start to do their European voluntary service in our ecological leisure time centre Švýcárna for one year. The main topic of this weekend event is EVS, but also we will talk about other youth possibilities in Europe.


During the weekend event we will get the answers to these questions:

What is EVS?

Why to go? Where to go? How to go? (the role of hosting, sending organisations)

What is a role of a mentor of EVS volunteer? Why it´s important to have one? Why is it worth to be a mentor?

What are other international possibilities for youth?


The ways/methods how we will do it:

Sharing experiences of recent long-term EVS volunteers, discussions, working in little groups, workshops, indoor and outdoor activities in the beautiful area of Moravian Carst.


For who: EVS volunteers, mentors of EVS volunteers, youth workers, youngsters interested in doing an EVS in the future.

Participation fee: 440- Czk/person (price includes sleeping in your own sleeping bags, food from Friday evening till Sunday lunch, facilities, program)

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