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Hi, just came across your post, really like your works!
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For sure,

For sure, pronajem.svycarna.eu isn't a perfect place to share my equestrian hobby, but I have to start somewhere, so I thought that this category will be ok.

Horse rugs are a confusing

Matter for several riders. Some riders do not feel the need to use them and
consider them an unnecessary attachment, while some can't imagine functioning
without them. What's the Reality? If you decide to use a carpet, which one would be
acceptable for your horse?

It's true that in their
Natural habitat, horses do just fine with no conveniences as carpets. However,
we must be aware that horses functioning in horse riding do not possess the exact same functioning circumstances as the horses living in their natural habitat. To start with, horses training below the saddle are usually shaven, which impacts their natural protective coating against low temperatures. Most time when it is cold outside, these horses invest indoors, where they're not subject to reduced temperatures. Even the matter of another diet is crucial here. That is why
we can't expect them to possess the immunity their free brothers possess. While
altering the horses' habits and environment, we will need to provide them with
protection against the negative ramifications of e.g. weather. For that very reason we
have various kinds of rugs. Which kind would be useful for your horse and
if to use it? We will try to describe that.

In shops you can come across these kinds of carpets:

  1. Coaching -- this type of carpet is set on along with a
    saddle. It will be perfect for colder days. We should mention that
    training with them must not be too exhausting, as your horse might
    have difficulty with losing heat surplus from your system.
  2. Dry -- usually made of fleece another material with moisture-absorbing properties. This sort of carpets is generally used after training in order to wash the horse. In shops, you can find them as
    fleece rugs. They
    should protect the horse from cooling too much, but at precisely the same time they
    do not block air flow, so the horse doesn't sweat. To be used in stalls.
  3. Paddock -- to be used on paddocks. This will protect
    your horse from the wind and rain. Made of materials easy to wash.
  4. Rain -- it protects your horse's coat from becoming wet during rain. Mostly they're designed to be as watertight as possible. Normally made of mesh material. This kind of a carpet is super useful in summer time, where horses are especially subject to insects' bites of all
  5. Winter --
    rugs with cushioning. Usually it's possible to pick from a couple
    of thickness of cushioning for a single version.
  6. Transport -- to be used to protect the horse
    during transport.

Another thing would be to adjust the
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As you can
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The whole carpet item. If you use them if they are not required, you can disturb
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